No Mystery Fish at Meiji!

Seafood fraud has been in the news a lot lately. Last week, CNN reported that in a recent study “Out of 118 sushi venues visited, 95% sold fish that varied from their menu identification.” This is serious stuff. According to CNN:
Every level of the seafood chain suffers as a result of fraud. From the economic impact on the fisheries that are undercut by sellers skirting the rules, fish species endangered by a muddied tally of their stocks, vendors and chefs whose reputations are at stake, and diners who risk ingesting allergens and toxins from mislabeled fish, there is a cost to misidentified seafood.

In our quest to bring you the highest quality seafood, Meiji purchases whole fish or primal cuts which we fillet in house. For example, we brine whole mackerel, smoke whole sides of salmon, and fillet whole red snapper. There is no question as to the species of the fish we are supplied. We will not substitute one fish for another on our menu without informing our guests.

We work closely with our seafood purveyors to source the freshest products. We constantly communicate throughout the week with our suppliers as to what is available and fresh. Our fish is flown in several times a week, and is sashimi-grade, the highest quality. Most of the fish we serve is delivered to us just a few days after it is caught.

You’ll be glad to know that our purveyors are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, global organization that works with fisheries, seafood companies, scientists, conservation groups and the public to promote the best environmental choice in seafood. Our suppliers work with fishermen who fish in Territorial Waters that are governed by Fishery Management Plans.

At this time of year, it seems like every restaurant is offering fish specials—we just want to remind you that we serve honest, fresh seafood all year long.